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Outline your sales spike by taking our ‘context-driven’ fast lane.



  • Real-time Enquiry Builder
  • Pricing Rule Engine
  • Target vs Projection vs Actuals
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Integrations of the Dataspire’s Sales CRM can be done with Inhouse ERP, Oracle, SAP and Tally

Rotting Feature

See the time elapsed from the day of deal creation for you to respond to increase the likelihood of winning the deal

Lead scoring

CRM determines the worthiness of leads, or potential customers.

Predictive Analysis

Dataspire CRM predicts the outcome and performance of the Sales Team

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Fast and Simple way to close deals

Enable your sales team to prioritize tasks, manage time, and meet targets.

Get delighted with guaranteed rewards and success for your business using Dataspire Sales CRM, that indicates accurate forecasting and revenue generated.


Why Choose Us

Custom sales Pipelines

Customize sales process appropriate sales pipeline for your organization and fix the suitable deadlines.

Market Place Integrations

Sync your CRM with Email, Google, Slack and more. Create, send and track personalized outbound campaigns.

Automate sales process

Build custom lead forms to capture the required information and assign the leads to the right salespeople.

Mobile App

Sell effortlessly by maintaining Call Log, Visit Log, make appointments and respond to leads from anywhere.


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