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At Service 360, we exceed expectations by making every customer feel special and valued. We provide tailored solutions, anticipate needs, and deliver unexpected benefits. Choose Service 360 for exceptional care and innovation.

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Free Service CRM for Small Business

Cases prioritization and Case allocation

Prioritize based on importance and urgency of the case and respond right away.

Customer experience making them feel special

Nurture strong client relationships (CRM) through appointment management with Visit and Call logs.



Best Service CRM in Coimbatore
Affordable Sales CRM in Coimbatore

Field Employee Tracking

Designed for the ease of field staff and their work routines

Service CRM’s field staff task management and location tracking software offer a convenient and efficient way to capture the distance travelled with the check-in and check-out options.

Discover how useful it is to have Service CRM software to keep track of the most critical customer information


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Case Registration

Capture the real-time cases with the customer front mobile app.

Engineer Allocation

Identify and Allocate the Engineer based on availability and knowledge.

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Visit / Call Logs

Schedule appointments and track the Calls and Visits made for each case.



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Case Closure / Preclosure

Validating the cases and fixing the cases based on the calls and visits.

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Response Team Allocation

Grouping and Routing the response team.Best Service CRM in Coimbatore


Corrective and Preventive Actions

Maintain the knowledge repository for the Corrective and Preventive Measures.

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Warranty Management

To view, access, and track customer asset warranty coverage.

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Delivery Details and Dealers

Incorporating the invoice, packing list, E-way bill, packing and loading photos for the respective case.

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Case Activity

Check the progress of each case in a single screen for the respective customer and the team.


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Reports and Dashboard

At-a-glance view the Service Teams and Engineers performance.


Free Service CRM in Dataspire
Best Service Crm in Coimabatore,Dataspire

Make more informed decisions when it comes to repairing or replacing equipment through Service CRM Software’s Warranty Management System

Enhance customer experience with the Best Service CRM Software’s Warranty Management, which helps organizations manage critical information to improve future product and service offerings.

Tell your customer what you are up to with the intelligent Case Management System

Stay as close as possible to your customers, address their problems and offer a solution in a timely manner.

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About Dataspire’s Service CRM  in Coimbatore

Dataspire’s Service CRM in Coimbatore offers tailored solutions for efficient task management, real-time location tracking, and effective warranty management. Enhance customer satisfaction and make informed decisions with our advanced CRM tools, designed to streamline your business operations and improve service offerings.Best Service CRM in Coimbatore

Take care of your customer with Service 360, and your business will take care of itself.

Service CRM Software in Coimbatore

Connect to your customers where they are

Capture the case details and fix appointments for the calls and visits.

Convenient way of tracking service

Assign, Manage and Track cases.

Help Resolve the issues in no time

Give the insights to the customers to resolve the issues at their own pace.

Work smarter to respond quickly

Service Engineer gains insights from previous cases and gives instant solution at the customer place.


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