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Dataspire’s Document Management system Enabling paperless office solutions.

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Dataspire Document Management System the most user friendly System

Just one click is all needed


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Create & Manage Document

Work and create collaboratively to Manage the folders from anywhere .

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Access control & Role-based permissions

Create groups of collaborators and assign roles & permission to interact with many people at once !

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Tag or Categorize Document

Label and categorize content for easy picking from a large variety of relevant and related information.

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Share & Receive files and folders

File sharing made easy! Use the simplest way to send and share small and large files around the world.

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Control Versions

Upload a new version of a document and maintain the existing metadata and all previous versions of the file.

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Document Numbering

Based on your schemes, define and operate an automatic document numbering system.

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Drag and Drop to Upload

Application acts as an interface to drag and drop files into the necessary folder.

Effortlessly build your own form and automate business processes

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Exploit the advantages of the Document Management System and bring down the costs for storage as its scalable and adaptable

An effortless part of everyday business for many companies

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